WMP | Episode 8 | Pushing forwards now we have some clarity

On Episode 8 of the Wedding Mavericks Podcast it is all about what the lockdown roadmap means and what to do next

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Pushing forwards now we have some clarity

In episode 8 of the Wedding Mavericks podcast I am discusing my week following on from the UK governments announcement about easing the covid lockdown restrictions through their roadmap. Welcome news, but it has certainly been a busy and complicated mission to rebook movers and inevitably all of the bookings could not be saved.

I wanted to talk through what this all means and how it has left me feeling, I imagine everyone else is feeling similar. What do we do now with our time to prepare for what will potentially be the busiest period we have ever experienced in our businesses.

It is time to get you and your business in great shape

There is discussion around managing time, finances and making sure you are physically and mentally in the right place for the summer and that your business is ready to push forwards stronger than ever before. A time for investing in the business with both time and money and planning ahead for new levels of success.

If you have any questions or comments about the topics discussed I would love to hear form you, and please send me any feedback that can help me grow this podcast!

One of the things I talk about in this episode is my CRM Studio Ninja. This is not paid sponsorship, this is just me talking about a service which has been essential to helping me get through this period. It is so useful, keeps everything in one place and organised, saving a lot of time and stress, particularly through and even like this pandemic. It is excellent value for money and if you use the code below you will get a few quid off your monthly subscription and I will too! Let me know what you think and give it a go:

Studio Ninja site: https://www.studioninja.co

Discount code: YO108848S

If you want to hear more episodes, watch some of our YouTube content or learn more about Wedding Mavericks, click here: https://linktr.ee/julesnelson

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