WMP | Episode 11 | Bridal boutiques, podcasts & personal growth

On Episode 11 I am chatting about bridal boutiques, podcasts and personal growth with pearls girls Diana and Vicky from The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique

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Chatting with Pearls Girls

On episode 11 of the Wedding Mavericks podcast I am talking to Diana & Vicky from the Little Pearl Bridal Boutique located in Pickering, North Yorkshire. This was a really nice conversation as I had just been on an episode of their podcast prior to recording this, so we covered so much between the two chats.

Diana came from a background in marketing and decided to start her wedding business 6 years ago after starting a family. Within the first 2 years the little pearl was an established and award winning bridal boutique, but this is where Diana realised she would need help to keep the business moving forwards so Vicky came on board with a background in events and hospitality and together they have powered through the challenges of the pandemic, have their own podcast ‘pearls girls’ and have just launched their own range of clothing and accessories.

Not only is this conversation a great insight into the practicalities of starting and growing a small business, but we also discuss how personal growth allows your business to keep moving forwards. 

Check everything to do with Pearls Girls and the Little Pearl Boutique at their website:


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