WMP | Episode 13 | Building a successful photography business during a global pandemic | Hannah Brooke Photography

On Episode 13 I am chatting with Hannah, a photographer from Yorkshire in the UK who left her career to become a photographer in 2020, just as the world entered lockdown. Listen to how Hannah managed to grow her business as intended during the worst year ever for the wedding industry.

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Building a successful photography business during a global pandemic.

On episode 13 of the podcast I am talking with Hannah from Hannah Brooke Photography. I connect so much with Hannah’s journey into her wedding business, but where her story is really inspiring is how she dealt with what we have all faced over the past year, she really did take the lemons and make lemonade.

Imagine deciding to follow your desire to become a photographer, learning from scratch on the side of your nine to five, building it up to taking the leap to go full time on your own business and then just after you hand your notice in, the world goes into lockdown. But all that did is make. Hannah even more determined to make a success of her business and find ways to navigate through the storm by making the most of opportunities that presented themselves. 

What followed were hundreds (yes I said hundreds!) of doorstep family photo shoots, creating and delivering smartphone and beginner photography courses online, whilst building a catalogue of wedding content through organising styled shoots based around her target couple and making the most of micro weddings. The result, expanding network, organic marketing opportunities and meeting her revenue targets in a situation that seemed impossible just a year ago.

All of this while being a genuinely nice person with her joyful and expressive photography for warmhearted people. We had a really great chat, and whatever stage you are at in your business there are so many takeaways you can take from this – particularly the inspiration to make it work by putting the work in.

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