WMP | Episode 7 | Take back control of your wedding business

On Episode 7 of the Wedding Mavericks Podcast I am discussing how to take back control of your wedding business during the current unique circumstances.

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Take back control of your wedding business

On episode 7 of the Wedding Mavericks podcast I am providing a little bit of extra bonus content for anyone who is feeling a little bit lost or low at the moment and looking for the motivation and support to take back control of their wedding business. The restrictions in place because of the pandemic have had serious effects on the entertainment and hospitality industry, the wedding industry has been almost completely shut down for nearly 12 months.

While we all wait to see what will happen as 2021 progresses, it can feel like those of us working in the industry and small wedding business owners do not know when and how they will be able to operate and generate revenue. It is easy to feel like you have no control and are constantly waiting to be told what you can do or waiting for your clients and customers to change their plans.

Control what you can so you don’t need to worry about what you can’t.

This podcast episode is all about what you can do to take back some control, and how you can be proactive. Actionable steps, processes, things that you may already know, or have in place, but maybe you have just been lacking the motivation and confidence to do something about it. So even if you just know that you are not alone going through it, maybe you hear something that helps, or it prompts you to reach out and get in touch with me. If you want to chat through stuff or you want some practical help with your business, please just reach out and contact me, I would be happy to chat with you and try to help.

If you want to hear more episodes, watch some of our YouTube content or learn more about Wedding Mavericks, click here: https://linktr.ee/julesnelson

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