WMP | Episode 9 | Building a bridal hair styling business

On Episode 9 of the Wedding Mavericks Podcast I am talking to Hannah Taylor about building a thriving bridal hair styling business.

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Building a bridal hair styling business

On Episode 9 of the Wedding Mavericks podcast I am speaking with Hannah Taylor, a bridal hair stylist from Sheffield in the UK.

Hannah began her wedding business journey whilst working as a hairdresser around a decade ago. For many years she carried out bridal hair styling alongside doing cut’s and colours in a hair salon, but as she had more and more requests for bridal hair styling she identified an opportunity to earn more money and find more enjoyment by moving away from the salon and working from home.

When you put yourself out of your comfort zone, you get results!

As her business built so did her reputation for creating beautiful hair designs and soon she was being asked by others to help them develop their skills also. Over the past 3 years Hannah has achieved an incredible amount, building a team of stylists working alongside her, hosting numerous in person workshops, and creating an online learning platform to pass on her knowledge enabling others to grow around the world.

Her love for bridal hair styling shines through, and her approach is unique which is probably why she inspires many with her styles and has gained over 100k followers on instagram! We had a great a chat about her journey and I hope you find this conversation as inspiring as I did.

If you would like to check out Hannah’s work, her course or book her for bridal hair I will link her website and Instagram below:



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